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Individual or small-group coaching can be a highly-effective alternative to a training workshop. Our DISC coaching workshops are designed to deliver training content in a more individualized coaching format. Coaching workshops are ideal for small groups because they provide the opportunity for team members to work out interpersonal issues, build understanding, resolve conflicts and improve teamwork. Coaching workshops are also an effective tool for helping individuals to remove blindspots and dramatically improve their people skills.

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Who Needs DISC Coaching?

Small teams experiencing personality clashes. Personality clashes are common in small groups, but they can grow into disruptive problems that dramatically reduce productivity. These clashes can even cause your best team members to leave. A DISC coaching workshop may be the perfect solution. Each team member's DISC assessment provides objective insights into the nature of the personality clashes, and Roger Reece facilitates open discussion about specific issues between team members. Participants learn new strategies for harmonious and effective interaction with clashing personalities. The result is greater empathy, understanding and teamwork.

Small teams that want to enhance teamwork. If your small team isn't experiencing personality clashes but you want to become a great team, a coaching workshop can be the catalyst to take teamwork to the next level. New levels of trust, respect and communication are the results of our coaching workshops.

Small groups or individuals with negative attitudes. Negative attitudes are difficult to turn around. Our DISC coaching workshops don't attack the attitudes of individuals; they bring in new perspectives. The personal intimacy and directness of Roger Reece's coaching style is highly effective in helping people to see new possibilities leading to attitudinal and behavioral change.

Individuals who work closely together but don't get along well. Our coaching workshops are effective mediation sessions that can help co-workers to resolve differences and begin to work together as a team. The coaching helps them to see their differences in the context of the DISC model so that conflicts aren't personalized. As a coach and mediator, Roger helps participants to communicate through a highly effective process, focusing on the clarification of goals and roles and negotiating win-win resolutions to conflict.

Managers from different departments experiencing unresolved conflict. When managers of different departments can't get along, a lack of cooperation often develops between their departments. A DISC coaching workshop may be the most effective solution for the managers involved. The combination of DISC training, assessments, coaching and mediation is a powerful tool for transforming attitudes and behavior, resulting in greater cooperation between departments.

People-Skills Coaching for Top Executives

Teamwork among top executives is critical, and unresolved interpersonal issues can negatively affect the entire organization. DISC coaching is an ideal way for c-suite executives to improve their people skills and to develop strategies for resolving interpersonal conflicts with members of their team.

Depending on the situation, a small-group coaching workshop with key members of the executive team may be the right solution. Alternatively, a one-on-one coaching session with one or more key executives may be more effective. Contact us to set up a no-charge telephone consultation with Roger Reece. After the call, we will provide you with a detailed proposal for the executive coaching solution we recommend.

A DISC Coaching Workshop vs. a Public Seminar

Often, individuals and small groups feel that because of cost, their only training alternative is a public seminar. So they send people who are experiencing conflict and interpersonal problems to a public seminar attended by a room full of people from various organizations. This may provide exposure to training information and it may save some money, but if you want genuine. lasting behavioral change, public seminars are not the solution.

Our coaching workshops are highly individualized, and they are not spectator events. Prior to the coaching workshop, the participant(s) will complete a DISC assessment and Roger Reece will conduct telephone interviews with participants and with others who can provide input (supervisor, direct reports, co-workers, etc.).

The coaching workshop, typically a full-day program, is an intensive session that focuses on the behavioral styles of the participants and specific situations and working relationships that need focused attention. The workshop is an accelerated, personalized training program covering interpersonal relationships, communication, teamwork and conflict-resolution skills.

The fee for a DISC coaching workshop may be somewhat higher than the fee for a public seminar, but the results are beyond comparison. If you want to see significant changes in behavior, contact us for more information about our DISC coaching workshops.

DISC Coaching

The Value of Behavioral Coaching

Our coaching workshops are educational, motivational and provide valuable insights. But the focus is on one outcome: behavioral change. During the workshop, Roger works with each participant to determine three key areas for behavioral change. Then, together, they create a detailed action plan to bring about the desired changes. Followup telephone coaching is available to ensure a successful outcome.

Coaching Managers on How to Interpret and Utilize DISC Assessments

DISC assessments are effective tools to help managers and supervisors in building and managing their teams. In our DISC training workshops, participants are trained to interpret and utilize the assessments to understand and motivate team members. Many of our clients go on to use the assessments as their primary hiring and management tools.

Coaching Managers on How to Coach Their Team Members

Every supervisor and manager needs to learn effective coaching skills. We can structure your DISC coaching workshop to focus on coaching skills, including giving positive & negative feedback, improving employee performance and improving attitudes & morale.

A Training / Coaching Package

In many cases the best choice is a combination training/coaching package. Everyone in the group takes the DISC assessment and participates in the training workshop. Then, team leaders participate in a coaching workshop for advanced training and behavioral coaching. The result is an integrated program that transforms team behavior and productivity. Contact us for more information and a detailed proposal.

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